Adding a Folder does not add all of the fonts

I recently wiped my computer clean and reinstalled Windows and all of my apps. I have used FontBase before without issue, but not it seems that when I “Add a Folder”, it only adds a small portion of the fonts.

I have my fonts separated into subfolders(see the screenshot). When I add the folder, I see the spinning circle letting me know that it’s working. Then I will see some pop-up messages letting me know that fonts are being added. And then it just stops. As you can see from the other screenshot, it only added fonts from 2 subfolders. There were no error messages.

Before reinstalling Windows, it worked fine. Nothing has changed in my font library folder. I didn’t add any fonts or anything. I keep them on Google Drive and just re-download them each time I reinstall my computer.

I have tried several times and it seems to keep stopping at the same point. It does seem to add all the fonts from these two subfolders. In other words, it does not seem to stop midway in 1 folder.

I guess I could technically add each subfolder individually, but I don’t particularly want to add 32 folders manually. Like I said, it worked perfectly before and I believe I was using the same version of Windows and FontBase because I am pretty OCD about getting updates.

  • Your operating system
    • Windows 10 Home
  • Operating system version
    • 21H1
    • Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.3530.0
  • FontBase version
    • 2.16.4
  • What actions caused the issue
    • Adding a folder
  • If possible, attach a screenshot

Google Drive has a feature called file streaming, where the files display as present on your computer, but they actually are not, and only downloaded when you use them. FontBase can not see such files, they need to be available offline on your hard drive. Can you check if this is the case in your situation?

Thanks for the suggestion. Yeah, it’s hard to see from the screenshot but all of the subfolders have the green checkmark on them, indicating that I have opted to keep those available for offline.

I checked each file in the first 4 or five folders and all of them have the screen check, but it’s failing after the first 2 folders.

Still I suspect this new version of Google Drive is at the heart of the issue. It seems to be the only thing that changed after my reinstall.

Moving my fonts outside my Google Drive folder is technically an option, but I would really miss out of the syncing to the cloud and the backup features.

Question: Does FontBase store any log files on my local machine I could inspect? If so, any clue where I should look for them?

OK, so I tried copying all of my font files to just a local folder, outside of the Google Drive folder and I am seeing the same issue.

I actually have two different font folders with different files in them. And they both stop adding fonts partway through.

Now, I copied the exact same font folders from Google Drive and put them on my Linux machine, and everything worked perfectly. I’m not on that machine right now so I can’t tell your the Fontbase version, but it should be the most current one since I just installed it about a week ago.

I also noticed that adding the fonts was much faster on Linux. Not by a little, but like a factor of 10. I know Linux tends to be faster than Windows, but I don’t think that would account for such a big discrepancy.

Again, can anyone tell me where to look on Windows for a log file or something that might be generated when adding a folder? That could be really helpful.


Are you adding the folders as watched folders, as as regular ones? Can you try instead copying the folders inside the FontBase root folder manually (not through the app)?

I am adding regular folders. When I try to add watch folders, nothing seems to happen. I will try copying them to the root folder and let you know if it works.


:partying_face: IT’S FIXED :partying_face:

Thanks for the suggestion. I think I know the root cause now. I went into settings to see just where my root folder was (because I remember changing it) and I had moved the root into Google Drive as well. Right next to my two font library folders.

This worked perfectly fine before Google Drive rolled out this file streaming garbage, but it seems to be causing an issue now. the FontBase root folder, plus the 2 font folders were all set to be available offline, but I guess something about writing to that FontBase root folder was not working correctly.

So all I did was move the root folder back it’s default location C:\Users{username}\FontBase. I was able to leave my fonts in the Google Drive folder and add them as Watched folders. Fontbase added everything quickly (I’ve got almost 29k fonts and it only took about 20 seconds :open_mouth:).

Thanks @dominik for your helps and I hope this thread can help others in the future.