Adding text string samples

i seem to have done it before; but now i can see no way to add, or save, additional text sample strings

Hi @dec, thank you for your post :pray:
Have you already tried the “Text samples” section in the Settings page?
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FontBase Dev Team

hi there Yuri

hmm. yes, i see that

hmmm, it seems issue is that that options list just FIVE lines of sample text strings (which you can replace or alter); but it appears you can not have more than five.

Thank you for the quick reply :pray:
Indeed, the current number of editable sample lines is 5, you are correct.
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Noted, Yuriy.
the way it currently works is a bit clunky and buggy; but i would have to think about how it should be made more easy and useable

Thank you for your feedback :pray:
May I ask what do you mean by clunky and buggy?
I don’t think I’ve heard any users describe this feature in this way before. Also, when you mention making it useable, do you mean the feature is unusable now?
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i will attempt to document the usability issues i have found later

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