Adobe font library integration

The lack of Adobe font library integration is one of the major disadvantages of font base. This would make the app almost perfect


Well there is really no need for Adobe Font Library, Adobe Cloud CC does just that, you can set your application to activate missing fonts and has 20,000 fonts with your subscription.

If you choose to use Adobe font just add them from your account and they be activate. As they are not free to use I can not see how it could be integrated.

I’m not a programmer so I am not sure if there are any Adobe Font Folio API that could be attached to FontBase.

Adobe likes to have control of its assets apart of the Adobe Font Folio which cost 3.5k for 2,400 typeface.

I could be mistaken and missing something.

Hope it helps.

Suitcase Fusion supports preview of Adobe fonts. It’s just need to see my own font collection, Adobe font, and Google fonts all in one application.


Just worked out you can do this by adding the Adobe Font folder as a Watched Folder. You can even add to Providers by putting a shortcut to this folder in the Providers folder of your FontBase folder. To find the location: How to Find Adobe Typekit fonts on Mac - YouTube

I only just realised the solution I shared above only works on Mac.

I tried it on Windows and, while the folders appear in your Providers list or Watched folders, the fonts don’t appear. I think this is because Windows just reads the Adobe fonts as an unlisted file type while Mac reads it as an actual OTF font file. You can add .otf to the file name and Windows can read it but this may cause issues and it will be a massive hassle doing this to all your fonts.

I should have mentioned this previously but you can find the Providers folder by right clicking ‘Folders’ in font base and clicking ‘Open Root Folder’