Adobe Illustrator wont package fonts activated with FontBase


I am using FontBase for few years now and this feature was not working back then and there was some topics on old forum but now I cant find anything about this so here it is.

I am using Adobe Illustrator 2021 on Windows 10 (this feature was not working few years back when I was using Adobe CC 2019). There is a feature in Illustrator called Package, it gathers all Fonts and links used in a project so you can send that project file to someone else. When Illustrator finishes the function, it collects all links in one folder, fonts in another, but fonts folder is always empty. I tried different font managers it works with them, when I install font in fonts system folder it works, only fonts activated using FontBase wont package.
I see there is a Ai plugin, but nothing happens when I install it. What is it for and do I need it?

I keep my fonts on my Google Drive folder to keep them synced across my devices, but it does not matter where I keep them it still behaves the same.
I changed my root folder in settings to a folder on separate hdd maybe thats the problem?

FontBase version 2.16.9
Ai version 25.4.1 (but its not working all the way back to version 2019 when I started using FontBase)



Not even a reply?

Common guys…

Unfortunately, this is a known issue, but there is nothing we can do about it :frowning:
The closest you can get to fix this is to add your active fonts to a collection in FontBase, right click it, and select Package. It will create an archive with the fonts from that collection.