All activated fonts get desactivated avec computer shutdown


All activated fonts get desactivated after complete system shutdown / then restart.
Notice that simple reboot is OK.

I could see that activated Fontbase fonts go there on Mac : Username/Library/Fonts/Fontbase.
After shutdown, the Fontbase user folder is always empty (Many tests done).

I guess this is not a system issue because if place a test font in Username/Library/Fonts/, the file stays

Would you any idea on how to solve this issue ?

  • Mac M1
  • Operating system version : Monterey
  • FontBase version 2.16.9

Fonts are deactivated when you close FontBase. Are you starting FontBase again after the system restart?

Hi Dominik,
Yes exactly, FontBase is starting automatically at system restart, and the folder is empty, so every fonts are desactived in Fontbase.
What is really strange is that a simple reboot does not create this problem, all font stays. Is only with total shutdown, then manual restart of the machine
Issue tested on two macs.

Hi Dominik,
And another point that occurs exactly the same way (computer shutdown only) is that Watched folder also disapeared. Afeter restart, I have then to manually repoint it.
Really strange behavior.
Could you help me?


Hello @Hugo, thank you for the detailed explanation of the issue(s) and sorry for the delay in replying.
Are your watched font folders on a LAN network or a NAS drive by any chance?
Some users experienced similar issues with network drives, where it seems like the OS was loading FontBase faster than the drives themselves and so to the application it looked like the folders were missing so it deactivated the respective fonts and removed the links.
We have been working on the solution to this, but I think it is still in the works.
Hope this helps,
Thank you again,
FontBase Dev Team

Hi Yuriy and thanks for your reply !
My watched folder is in a Google Drive Mounted folder.
From my side, I also red this timing issue between drive and Fontbase.
I’ve tried to deactivate Fontbase autolaunch, then open it manually the time that Google Drive opens properly, but the issue was the same.
I will try really soon the tests you’ve suggested in the other thread on this topic here > Fonts deactivating during system restart - #8 by yuriy


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