All fonts still appear in Photoshop after deactivation

Hi! I’m very new to FontBase so I really apologize if I’m misunderstanding how the program is used. I’ve added my C:\Windows\Fonts folder to FontBase and have gone through and disabled most of them. The goal was to make Photoshop start faster by making not have to load so many different fonts every time I opened it. However, after opening Photoshop, all the fonts in that folder still appear when using the Text tool. I’ve gone through the documentation page a bunch of times looking for something I might have missed (and, indeed, I do feel like I’m probably missing something incredibly obvious), but my expectation was that disabling a font in FontBase would Hide the font in the parent directory so it wouldn’t appear in other programs, or something like that. Any help would appreciated. Thanks!

Adding your system fonts folder to FontBase and deactivating all fonts will not do anything. The fonts will be still installed in your system, because FontBase can not deactivate system fonts. You will need uninstall/deactivate them manually through your system tools (Windows settings/Fonts). Only then you will be able to properly manage them through FontBase.

Ah, that was it! Thanks for the help!!
In case anyone runs across this thread in the future — the problem was that any font installed onto Windows in the traditional way will always show up in Photoshop, no matter what. So I was just putting the FontBase copies of the fonts “on top” of the Windows versions.
To fix it, all I did was back up all my custom fonts onto a new folder, then delete them from Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Fonts. Then I used that backup folder in FontBase, and everything is working as expected.
Thank you again for the help, and for making a program that’s so pleasant to use (I especially like how you can enable and disable fonts and they show up in Photoshop in real time :slight_smile:). Cheers!