Allow fonts to be packaged in InDesign

When I try to package fonts in InDesign, I get this error:

I get a similar error with Illustrator.


Hello @wavedash, thank you for your post:)
This is actually a warning, not really an error. Clicking “Package…” will result in the following message:
You can then choose either option depending on your current font licensing situation. It will not block the actual packaging if you decide to proceed, but it will not include fonts activated via FontBase (to comply with applicable copyright law as the warning suggests).
Hope this helps.

I don’t get that message, it just goes to a prompt asking what folder to package it in, and it packages everything except the fonts.

I’m afraid I don’t understand why fonts activated via FontBase specifically wouldn’t be packaged. From a licensing standpoint, what’s the difference between activating via FontBase versus activating normally?

What if it’s a font I created myself? I have full authority over how it’s used, why can’t I package it?

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Thank you for your reply.
I see your point and it does make logical sense.
From what I understand, this behaviour was a conscious choice by the developers to prevent users from packaging unlicensed fonts or at least minimise such possibility.

What’s the reasoning behind that? Surely FontBase wouldn’t be liable for any unintentional license infringement, or else InDesign (and Illustrator) would be at fault for having a package function in the first place. I used to use Suitcase Fusion before switching to FontBase, and packaging fonts worked fine for their software.

Couldn’t you at least make it disabled by default, but have an “I know what I’m doing” option in FontBase’s settings to enable it?


Thank you for such a quick reply.
Sorry, I see now that my message could have had different interpretations.
I believe this is the limitation (on non-Adobe fonts, as warning message suggests) of InDesign and Illustrator and when talking about developers I meant their developers.
Hope this helps.