Any way of deactivating all fonts in one click?

Hi I just installed font base, I currently have all my fonts (3031 fonts) activated, I’d like to deactivate them all so I can activate the ones I need one by one, thanks

You can deactivate any font by clicking the circle on the left of its name, if that’s what you’re asking. You can also deactivate a whole collections by clicking the circle on the left of its name.

It’s possible he meant something different, and that it’s related to my question also. He may be asking about the fonts he already had previously installed (let’s say, in Windows/fonts). The installation of FontBase, by itself, doesn’t touch those – right? FontBase will only activate and deactivate fonts inside C:/Users/[user_]/FontBase (the default).

But getting from 3000+ fonts in Windows to 3000+ fonts under FontBase’s control is not well explained in your docs.

My question is a bit beyond these points, and may in fact be a Windows question (but I hope you can help): I copied all fonts in my system, put the copies in FontBase, then deleted my fonts in System/fonts (reinstalled the Windows10 default fonts manually).

My issue now is that my apps (Photoshop, Word, etc.) are seeing an active font menu that bears NO relation to EITHER the Windows/fonts list, OR the FontBase list. I am afraid they are pulling from some other font repository that I can’t find, or a cache. I have restarted the box several times.

Okay, never mind. The untraceable fonts I’m seeing are from Adobe CC. Duh. Which I guess are completely outside FontBase. (*Any prospect of coordinating these tools in the future?)

On the left, click the green circled beside the Active label. Alternatively click on Active. Then on the right side, ctrl+a to select all the active fonts, or select a bunch using ctrl. Then right-click and select deactivate.


No plans on supporting Adobe CC fonts in the nearest future.