Auto Activation?

So I’m subbed to Fontbase Awesome, and the auto activation isn’t working? Is there supposed to be some plugins installed in the plugged in folder for photoshop and illustrator? Because they’re not there.

Also is the auto activation for all fonts in local FontBase or only Adobe Cloud fonts?

Have you looked into FontBase settings and the plugins section specifically? Are the correct paths selected there?

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Can you send a screenshot of your plugin settings from FontBase and the contents of your plugins folder in Photoshop?

That plugin folder is empty.

Try clicking Remove here (give it the needed permissions if asked) then click Change… and select the correct plugin folders.

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Thanks for the help! That worked. So when it’s red it means it hasn’t installed it. Does that mean that it’s not automatically installed when I install the program? or this is a bug that exists just for me? I’m on Windows 10 latest version, adobe latest version, norton security. It did not need permissions when I changed. Maybe it’s because when I installed the program, it didn’t know I’m an Awesome subscriber yet.

It may be a bug. We will look into this.

Was this bug ever resolved, as I am having the same issues? I have the awesome subscription on both my mac and PC, but a lot of fonts don’t seem to autoactivate when I open files.
I am trying to do this with fonts outside of Adobe or Google e.g. downloaded from Envato Elements. I have moved all the fonts to a folder which I have added to Fontbase, so the fonts are available and shared on both machines, they just don’t automatically enable when a file is opened that uses a variety of different fonts.

Hi @Eyetoother, thank you for the post :pray:
Do you also see the plugin paths in red as in the discussion above?
Did the solution above not work for you?
Thank you again,
FontBase Dev Team

Hi Yuriy,
No, none of the paths are in red and I also manually updated them just in case.

I have started realising that a lot of fonts simply don’t ever load into Fontbase after being copied into shared folders on both Mac and PC. I have tried installing both TTF and OTF files into the standard Fonts folder and in the shared folders I have created and they simply never show up in FontBase.

Do you know why this might be happening?
I can attach or send you a whole lot of the actual font files if that might help troubleshoot and fix the issue.

I really need to be able to share fonts between Mac and PC, so if FontBase does not register a lot of the fonts I need to use then it is not fit for purpose.

I forgot to mention, that when I install the fonts on my PC (not copied into a shard folder but installed in Windows via the usual method), then the fonts are available to use in Illustrator and other adobe apps.
This should show that the font files themselves are not corrupt but the issue lies somewhere with FontBase…

Thank you for the investigation and the additional details :pray:
At the moment it looks like this is related to the font file structure the font designers are using to code information inside the font files themselves. We are working on removing this limitation as it does indeed prevent FontBase from parsing/loading certain font files. Unfortunately at the moment these is no immediate solution to this situation, it is still a work in progress.

As for installing font files into the Fonts folder and them then not showing up in FontBase - that is not really a bug. I understand this might sound counter-intuitive, sorry about that. Here is a bit information on one time we investigated this particular behaviour:

Thank you again,

Thanks for your reply Yuriy. If it would help I can send you / or upload a shared folder with a list of fonts that do not appear in Fontbase.
It may help troubleshoot the issue, as a vast amount of the fonts I am trying to install do not register. Please let me know if that would help, and what method would be best.
A lot of the fonts I use are downloaded from Envato Elements, so they should be legitimate fonts.

Thank you for the kind offer :pray: When you say fonts that do not appear in FontBase, do you mean the ones you install out of FontBase (via your OS’ default tools) and then would like to see inside the application?

Hi Yuriy,
These are fonts that I have copied into shared Fontbase folders on both Mac and PC (not in the usual Windows or Mac folders, but still do not show up in Fontbase.
It would be good to have system fonts listed as well, but I think it’s more important that I have access to all the fonts I copy into the Fontbase font folders.
Please let me know if you would like anything else from me to help resolve the issues?

Oh please, don’t include the system fonts in Fontbase. That would just further complicate font management. If you need a font that’s inside your system font folder, just remove the font and make a folder for the system fonts you want in your Fontbase folder, where ever that may be. And the rest of the fonts in your system folder are just that, system fonts, and not suitable for design. And if by chance you do need a true “system font” that can’t be removed for your work, you can usually find a suitable substitute on Google fonts or elsewhere. I’m on Windows, BTW, and programs that install fonts to the system folder drive me mad. I only want the bare minimum for my system in there.

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Hi Marcos97,
I see your point, but I would still like access to the fonts that never appear in Fontbase, no matter the installation method.
Not being able to install and use many fonts within Fontbase means that I have to install loads of fonts within the system folders and then manually copy and install fonts across multiple systems and computers which is by no means ideal. This kind of backs up your point - that I need to be able to install these in a shared Fontbase folder, not in system fonts, however, that currently does not work.
The bug still needs to be fixed.

Thank you for the clarification and sorry for the delay :pray:
Just to confirm - the fonts you’re referring to (the ones you add to a folder within FontBase) are either TTF or OTF?

Hi Yuriy,
Yes, I have been predominantly trying to install (copy into a FontBase folder) as TTF, but have also tried the OTF versions for all fonts that do not register/appear in Fontbase. Neither works for the fonts with issues.
This does not happen for all fonts, but often enough to make using Fontbase redundant and a massive hassle, as I have to manage fonts in multiple areas. All of these fonts work fine with Adobe apps once installed via the operating system (Windows or Mac).
Please let me know if you need anything else from me to resolve this?
I would like to use Fontbase but have cancelled my membership for now.