Auto Activation?

So I’m subbed to Fontbase Awesome, and the auto activation isn’t working? Is there supposed to be some plugins installed in the plugged in folder for photoshop and illustrator? Because they’re not there.

Also is the auto activation for all fonts in local FontBase or only Adobe Cloud fonts?

Have you looked into FontBase settings and the plugins section specifically? Are the correct paths selected there?

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Can you send a screenshot of your plugin settings from FontBase and the contents of your plugins folder in Photoshop?

That plugin folder is empty.

Try clicking Remove here (give it the needed permissions if asked) then click Change… and select the correct plugin folders.

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Thanks for the help! That worked. So when it’s red it means it hasn’t installed it. Does that mean that it’s not automatically installed when I install the program? or this is a bug that exists just for me? I’m on Windows 10 latest version, adobe latest version, norton security. It did not need permissions when I changed. Maybe it’s because when I installed the program, it didn’t know I’m an Awesome subscriber yet.

It may be a bug. We will look into this.