Body text preview in Family view

I would love a body text preview of a font in Familiy view besides Styles, Glyphs and Waterfall.
E.g. like how it works in the app Typeface.

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Hello @janpeeters, thank you for the post and welcome to the forum:)
Have you had the opportunity to play around with the Preview tab (selected from the siderbar on the left)?
Looks like what you’re suggesting is pretty similar to it, while not being exactly the same, of course.
Thank you again,
FontBase Dev Team

Hi @yuriy, Thanks for your swift reply. I’ve played around with the preview tab but it is much too time consuming to experiment with various fonts. Things like preview I can do in my design program. For my font manager I want something fast:
Select a font and you can view it as body text in various lay-outs.
If you want to make it more elaborate you give additionally the option to set a different heading font. But that would even slow down the proces.