Can’t Log In To Account

Can only log in here with this Windows 7 PC, and to this forum only, not the
FontBase app. Cannot log in to either the forum or FontBase app. account on my Windows 10 machine where I do my work.

Got in with FireFox on Win 10 finally, but still can’t log in with from the FontBase application.

Hello @Gil, sorry for the delay and welcome to the forum :pray:
Sorry about the difficulties.
Could you drop us an email at so that we could have a look if there is anything we can do about it?
Thank you,
FontBase Dev Team

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Is possible a separate account is required for the application login. I have replied to Yurity’s email with that and another question. Otherwise very happy with Fontbase and look forward to now using it as my primary font management tool. Thank You !

I believe the forum and the application logins are separate, yes. Sorry for not clarifying this initially :pray:
Thank you for the kind words:)