Can't add my Fonts folder

Fontbase doesn’t recognize my main c:/Windows/Fonts folder and won’t let me add all the fonts already on my “C” drive. The folder is invisible to Fontbase - so please explain how I should get the fonts into Fontbase. I’ve tried to add it by ADD FOLDER and I also tried ADD WATCHFOLDER. No luck.

Hello, I think you’re trying to add a Windows system font folder, and I aam afraid you can not do that.

System-installed fonts are not controlled by Fontbase.

The idea is that you only use Fontbase to activate and deactivate fonts that are not system wide or installed by applications - this makes sure that your font system is never damaged

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Try a file structure where you keep the fonts at the root level of your c drive, or whatever drive your Windows files reside on. I just created a new folder called “Fonts” on my local drive and add all of my fonts to that folder. It’s my watched folder and it always works when adding fonts. I don’t ever have to add fonts manually in Fontbase, as I just throw a folder with the fonts I need into my “Fonts” folder, and they’re listed in Fontbase with the same folder hierarchy. That way, I keep things nice and tidy in Fontbase.

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Hello @photodb, sorry for the delay and welcome to the forum :pray:
@ChrisSan is right on the money. The idea @marcos97 suggested below could be a good workaround in this case.
A fellow user actually asked a similar question recently, we did some digging, and yeah, unfortunately there is no way to make FontBase work with the installed system fonts at the moment, sorry about that(
Attaching the other discussion below:

Hope this helps,
FontBase Dev Team

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