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Pinned fonts for a Category seem to have disappeared after i closed/reopened FB

so i have lost all that work/decisions

is this correct?

does FB deliberately discard pinned fonts on close?

i would be totally pissed if so.

I had a few minutes so I looked at this. I found that if I pin a font it does in fact get “unpinned” when you “Quit” the app. However if your preference is set to minimize to the tray when you “Close” the app (with the upper right X) , they stay pinned. I also checked the favorites and they do retain their check when the app is fully shut down. I should note, I am not yet running the full version.


thanks for effort and comments

so this is yet another bug - that FB never answer

think i have to move. i have put up with FB bugs and arrogance long enough

I actually run multiple font managers. Given the nature of my work I often have a need to “match fonts” to previous versions of ads, logos, collateral, etc. I found Fontbase to be an excellent app for that. As well, I had over 40k font files collected over the years and was able to set up a new folder structure to weed my collection. FB is very efficient at “watching” folders and updating accordingly. However, there are some functions that it does not provide, thus the need for continued use of another app.

I am decades on in my work same as you and have come to accept that we cannot always expect everything we want to be neatly wrapped in one package. Perhaps it is time for you to “move on” to a different “primary” program as clearly you are finding frustration on this current path. However I would suggest “don’t throw out the baby with the bath water!”. There may yet be helpful aspects with fb that are yet undiscovered by you. Best of luck to you !


Hello @Gil, thank you for the kind and wise words :pray:
FontBase Dev Team

Hello @dec, thank you for your post :pray:
This is not a bug but the intended behaviour from what I know. Were you lead to believe that pinned fonts would remain pinned after re-starting the application? In that case I would definitely agree that this feature does not work as intended and could indeed be considered bug.
Thank you again,
FontBase Dev Team

thank you for a response. maybe you can address 2nd related problem/bug as well :slight_smile:

re Pinned Fonts, it simply and obviously totally defeats the whole purpose of having Pinned Fonts, if they diappear/deleted as soon as you close app!

like, duh.

so i (and other users) spend hours creating a font shortlist for a project or for general use using Pinned Fonts, and then we lose all that work and thinking and decisions when we close app!

what was anyone thinking?

#2 Related issue

apart from when we drag Fonts off ie delete, when we drag & drop font to different collections , although it actually SAYS ‘Moving Fonts’, it actually COPIES them, does NOT Move as stated.

(obviously they will all still stay in the ‘All Fonts’ Folder, not move)

now sometimes we WANT to copy, but often we want to MOVE between Collections - we should be able to do BOTH; and the obvious way is to use Ctrl key that woud be std Windows practice for copying.

kind regards

Thank you for such a quick and detailed reply :pray:
As for Pinned fonts - the purpose you’re describing seems more similar to Collections rather than Pinned fonts, since you can only have one pinned font, or a family, at a time anyway, and you’ve mentioned a scenario where one shortlists multiple fonts for a project. The purpose of the Pinned font would be more for quick preview and comparison, not long-term storage. The latter would be the Collections domain.
As such, unpinning any Pinned fonts on app re-start would not defeat the purpose of this function as it was designed.
I do, however, understand that you have your own view as to how the application should function and your opinion is completely valid based on your expectation of how the feature should’ve been designed.
Regarding moving fonts between collections, thank you for bringing it up again. You indeed have mentioned this topic quite a few times in multiple forum posts over the last couple of weeks. It could be useful to add the other option (not just copying). If the idea gets enough support from the community it will be considered for implementation in the next updates. Thank you for drawing more attention to this. I do see how the “moving” part could be confusing, you’re quite right on this one. We haven’t had any major complaints about the wording, any at all from what I remember, but we value your input and thank you for the suggestion, which would ultimately help make FontBase even better :pray:
Thank you again,

Hi there Yuriy

the combination of the two ‘bugs’ (dysfunctionalities if you like) - the Move that isn’t, and the session disappearing Pinned Fonts, have the effect, amongst other things, of not being able to create ‘Short Lists’ of fonts when trying to select a font/s for different projects, ie you create Collection of possible fonts for a Project, and then you want to create a Short List of the best/most suitable of those. and you definitely do NOT want to COPY them - otherwise they end up in BOTH places and you don’t know which ones you have added to the Short List. do you understand what i mean? Pinned Fonts was a good way to do that - except they get deleted when you close the session.

Thank you for the quick reply :pray:
I completely understand. Pinned font is just one font/family though. Have you perhaps tried creating another shortlist collection to have beside your main collection? E.g. your project is SuperSecret, with all the project fonts, then create SuperSecret-shortlist, with the shortlisted fonts you’re talking about? They will be right next to each other in the list, will have the all and the specific fonts you need for the project, win-win?
And thank you for mentioning the move option again, even though the post is about pinned fonts. It does seem to be a crucial feature and could indeed be useful, you are correct. But it’s definitely not a bug and a dysfunctionality as you put it:)
Thank you again,

  1. Pinned Fonts are NOT “just one font family” … they are any font in a Collection that I decide to PIn.

as i pointed out, if you use another Collection as a ‘Shortlist’ -

  1. the fonts you put in the Shortlist Collection remain as duplicates in the original Collection, and there is no way to tell which fonts you have added to Shortlist because they are in BOTH, rather than beoimng oin opne opr the other

  2. you note that that was WHY Pinned Fonts was a good solution for this - because when you pinned a font, it actually MOVED and took it out of the origional Collection

i have no idea why you say, or even what you mean, that the fonts “will be right next to each other in the list”.

Different Collections are not displayed “right next to each other”, and indeed, neither are Pinned Fonts and Collections. Pinned Fonts being ‘pinned’ to the top of the font list, and, i note (because i just tested), that the Pinned Fonts STAY at the top of the list, even when you change to a different Collection, and they are still a COPY: the Pinned Fonts stay in the original Collection they came from.

Which brings me to a way to use Pinned Fonts to help create Shortlist Collections, within the limitations of fonts only ever being copied, not moved. the difference being that the Pinned Fonts ARE always displayed at the top, so it is more easy to see just what fonts are there without having to change Collections, even though they are still duplicated.

So a somewhat easier work-around, at the moment, to create a Shortlist Collection would be to add all the shortlisted selections as Pinned Fonts, and, then, change Collections to a new empty Collection, and drag all the Pinned Fonts, which would remain pinned at the top, into this new Shortlist Collection. Having done that, you can leave the Pinned Fonts (know that they will be deleted when you close the session), or, unPin them yourself.

Do you understand me on the different pointts above?

Thank you for the detailed reply :pray:
I do understand all of your points and your vision of the Pinned Font functionality that differs quite a bit from the original intended design.
I see we meant the same thing, just used different language, when talking about the Pinned Fonts: what I called “one pinned font, or a family” was “any font in a Collection” in your case. Same idea, different wording.
As for different Collections being displayed right next to each other, I meant the Collections list in the sidebar on the left. The collection names would be next to each other, not the fonts themselves.
Also, seems like the original question on why the Pinned fonts disappear on closing has been resolved :pray:
Thank you again,

hi there Yuriy

to pick up on one point: i do not see why you think that the question on why Pinned Fonts disappear has been resolved"?

it seem to be anything but “resolved”: it seems simple enough to understand why a user would NOT want Pinned Fonts to be deleted when session is closed.



Hello don, thank you for the reply :pray:
To answer your question: I think the “why” has been resolved because the Pinned Font disappearing on restart is the intended design. This is the reason why. I completely understand though that you would want this feature to work differently and why you would want it to be so.
Hope this helps,