Collection dont match across devices - Sync issues

Hi there

I recently brought a fontbase subsription as I have multiple devices that need to have the same fonts and font versions.

On Device #1, I have the attached Collections (see screenshot). The fonts are all hosted on dropbox, which i have access to over multiple devices. Auto-Sync Colections is selected and it doesnt seem to be giving me any errors.

But on Device 2, these collections dont transfer. Instead I have a limited amount of fonts come through unorganised, and they only appear in the “Folders” section (not Colections).

Any ideas on what Im doing wrong? Does Fontbase actually sync collections, or is it not able to that?

Hello @danp, sorry for the delay and welcome to the forum:)
The auto-sync feature works by saving collection data into a file, so for Device2 to recognise the changes you make on Device1 FontBase auto-sync collection file link should be pointing to the same file on both devices.
Placing the app root folder into the same Google Drive folder (or something similar) on both devices would enable this behavior.
Does this make sense?
Hope this helps,
FontBase Dev Team

Awesome thank you.

I had it the other way around. I was adding fonts directly to the FontBase app, and hoping it would export it accurately to the shared folder.

Need to do it the other way around (make folders for brand names, then link it with fFontbase).


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