Collection Rename

Surely it can’t just be me, but why is there no Collection Rename function/option?

Like, it seems so obvious, but i see no such option.

All i have is - Activate & Delete.

LIke, duh.

Not having a simple usual Rename function, means a lot of extra messy work if you want to rename/reorganize your Collections.

Especially because ‘moving’ fonts between Collections does NOT move, but copies, so that means you cannot be sure which fonts you have already COPIED, or not. And then you have to delete the old redundant Collection at the end hoping you have not made any mistakes (and of course there is no Collection synch or compare function to help)

And the Collections are automatically arranged in alpha-numeric order so you can only have in a particular arrangement/order by using special characters eg ‘-’ ‘#’ or other text tricks.

So at least a bog-standard Collection Rename function would help.

Just click twice on the name and the cursor will enter the collection name, and you can rename it. Surely you’ve renamed things before, it’s quite an intuitive implementation.

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Also Collections are just shortcuts/groupings for convenience. They aren’t actually copying or duplicating fonts. So you can have the same font in multiple Collections, without having duplicates, which makes total sense to me. Makes it easy to keep a neat set per client etc.

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Hello @dec, thank you for the post :pray:
@mark’s suggestions are excellent, I completely agree.
I do believe opening a separate topic is a bit redundant, since I’ve replied to your question regarding the same thing in a different thread in quite a bit of detail. Here is a link for your convenience:

I believe the “How to rename a collection” topic has been explained pretty well and, as such, resolved, so I’m going to close this topic :pray:
Hope this helps,
FontBase Dev Team

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