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I’ve been using Fontbase for quite a while, free version, so can’t really complain. I have got about 7000 fonts and created different collections. I move the fonts, so it says, but actually they will be copied into the collections, so I never know if I have moved them already or not. Actually, the font doesn’t get moved or copied, but it a link or whatever you would call it in English. Looks like I have to live with that and that is ok. But every time there is an update all the collections are gone and also the active fonts and I have to do it all over again. Is this a bug, or is it me that makes a mistake? I now have deactivated the auto update and hope for the best.
The other things that bother me and others, is that some fonts are just shown as a square with a cross, but can see them in the windows explorer and also in PS. But I think the problem was mentioned somewhere.

Hello Laura, thank you for your post and welcome to the forum :pray:
Looking into this. Disabling the updates would stop this situation with the collections for sure, since there will be no additional updates until you toggle the option back on.
This is not a common issue, but we’re doing all we can to find out how to fix this as soon as possible.
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Hi Rotuma, yuriy
I often read in the forum about problems with lost collections. If someone has a lot of fonts and arrange it with collections and lose it from time to time this is disappointing I understand. I don’t know how collections in Fontbase work, so I don’t use collections until now - old school collect my own informations (e.g. text file or printed samples) about fonts AND arrange some collections in sub-folders in a watched folder with Fontbase. So I easily can change place of a font file and it remains loaded in Fontbase (but not activated). For the Fontfase collections it would be important to have a database file with the collected fonts info which I can easily load or combine with Fontbase again. Like in other apps: e.g. I use a photo database app. I can load different databases (every database is in files saved) and if there is a problem with combination or lost folder I can repair it without loosing the database.

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Hi Matt,
I’m not sure what you mean with a watched folder. What is a database file, my English is very bad. Do you mean I should create a file on my PC with let’s say “handwriting” and copy or move all these fonts into it? And then link the folder to Fontbase?

Hi Laura
Sorry, yes you misunderstood something. What is your mother tongue? I’m german speaking. I wait for this answer and otherwise try than to explain it in english. Maybe yuriy will help you before. What I mentioned are parts of the Fontbase app or the developer team. The “watched folders” are part of the configuration you can make with Fontbase and your own font folder structure. The database for collections (e.g. loading collections database file from previos installation or so on) is an issues of the developers - yuriy can anser to both of us.

PS: I’m using paid version and don’t know restictions of the free app.

Hello Laura, thank you for your reply :pray:
Just dug up some info from our Youtube channel and our website regarding Watched folders, here it is:

Hope you’ll find it useful :pray:
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Thanks Yuiry, danke Matthias,
Schöne Grüße aus dem Weinviertel.
Ich benutze Fontbase ausschließlich für Photoshop und Indesign. Insgesamt habe ich ca 4000 Fonts in einem eigenen Ordner auf einer eingebauten Festplatte, ich aktiviere aber immer nur die Gewünschten für ein Projekt, was ja sehr gut funktioniert. Ich habe einige Collections erstellt, wie z.B. Handschrift, Plakativ, etc… Ab und zu verschwinden die Collections, ich nehme an, dann wenn es ein autom. Update gibt.
Wenn ich also einen „watched Folder“ erstelle, dann muss ich doch vorher schon meine Fonts in dementsprechende Unterordner verschieben, oder verstehe ich das falsch? Auf diese Weise kann ich sie ja dann immer wieder leicht verlinken oder meist du etwas anderes?
Liebe Grüße