Collections sync is not working


I have a Macbook Air with Sonoma and an another PC with Windows 11.
Everything is fine on both computer, except that my collections doesn’t sync even if Auto-sync collection is enabled on both computer. I had to export manually and import manually to have my collections imported on both computer. The Root Folder is on Google Drive for both computer.

Any ideas to solve this collection syncing problem ?

Thank you.

I don’t know if it will help but here is a print screen from my Mac

And here is a print screen from my PC Windows

Hello @creativear, thank you for your post and welcome to the forum :pray:
Could you please describe what exactly do you mean by your collections not syncing?
Also, have you had the chance to check out this short guide on collection sync in FontBase?

Thank you again,
FontBase Dev Team

Hello, It means that if I create a collection on my mac during the day. And then when I open Fontbase on my Windows PC during the night, I do not see the new collections created on my mac on my windows computer. The autosync doesn’t work even if the Root folder paths is pointing to the same folder on Google Driver as you can see on our print screens.

Thank you for the additional information :pray:
So do you shut FontBase down on your Mac after using it during the day and then open FontBase on your Windows computer during the night?

The problem was I was shutdown my Mac or PC but it wasn’t sync on the cloud in this way.
The solution was to Force Quit Fontbase before shutting down my Mac or PC. It’s not super easyfriendly but it works. It Would be better that it sync each time we add a collection for example.

Thank you.


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no response yet, i see?

Hello @dec, what do you mean by “no response”?
The issue has been resolved from what I understand.
FontBase Dev Team