Crashing Search bar, app store and apps

For the past few months i have had issues with the windows 11 search bar not work, i have been driving myself crazy thinking it was something with the new laptop/windows 11 install. and randomly saw this was a knows fontbase bug.

After reading through the forums here, i tried to disable all the fonts and restart the app and the search bar started.

What i wanted to report here is, that it was extending beyond that. I was having issues not able able to log-in to the microsoft store or even apps like netflix.

After disabling the fonts and shutting down fontbase, i was able to get everything working without ever restarting the system.

I was happy to find this, so i can at least get my PC to work, but as you can imagine, this is highly disruptive and dissapointing.

Is there a fix upcoming? or is there a way to narrow down which of the 40 or so fonts that i had on might have been causing such a large conflict/bug so i can try and remove it from fontbase in hopes to not encounter this again?

Thank you

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Hello @inkify, thank you for your post with such a detailed explanation and sorry for the delay in replying.
Yes, this does seem to be a known issue, just as you said, as Windows can’t handle having several instances of the same font active at the same time.
The surefire way to fix this would be to remove your system fonts (the ones in Windows/Fonts and which you can use e.g. when FontBase and all the other font managers are turned off) from FontBase, or move system fonts to FontBase. Basically to eliminate the possibility of them ever clashing.
Hope this helps,
Thank you again,
FontBase Dev Team

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