Does FontBase support foreign font?

Dear All,

Hi everyone, I’m a newbie of FontBase.
I just installed FontBase on my computer (PC). Imported all of my font into it.
But seems like all of my Chinese and Japanese fonts are not showoing up.
If I drap and drop a specific Chinese font into it, it said it is a duplicate, but still not showing up.
Does FontBase support other Chinese/Japanese font?


Hi Aaron

FontBase does support international glyphs. Duplicate means, the font is already installed (maybe different filename but same font family name saved in font file). Some foreign fonts come with Windows. In FontBase you may see in Preview only crossed boxes. If you look to glyphs you will see all glyphs. Some programs like InDesign have their own principle to sort the fonts; so foreign fonts are not in the normal alphabetical order of western fonts but in en extra group …


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Hi Matt - I’m not sure I understand your response. I’m looking to preview all the chinese fonts I have installed on my system… As you probably know there is no way to actually see what a font will look like in Word because the previews in the dropdown only show the latin text not the asian text… Hoping your app will solve that. Is there a way to see a sample of the chinese characters via fontbase?

If you change to glyphs in the Fontbase preview area you should see the latin glyphs aund the other ones when you scroll down. But I’ve seen that not all glyphs of a font file are shown in Fontbase. I don’t know why. And maybe not all font files do so. So when I want to view really all glyphs I use the small older tool TransType 4 from Fontlab (it’s not free, but not expensive). But there you have to place every single font file for glyph viewing and it doesn’t work with variable fonts. Maybe additional fontviewer are out there in the web that could help you. And maybe Fontbase can improve their viewer in the future.

One simple free tool is dp4 font viewer v 3.4.0 (2018, Windows only; also collection printing); all glyphs preview; only Info section shows styles of variable fonts (subfamilies) without preview; but I guess only german interface(?)