Duplicate Fonts - Merge, Skip and Overwrite

When dealing with duplicate fonts, please provide us with three options to choose from: Merge, Skip and Overwrite. These options would allow users to manage the duplicates effectively without causing conflicts or issues within the system.

Key points:

  • Skip: This option allows you to ignore the duplicate fonts and keep the existing ones without any changes.
  • Overwrite: Choosing this option will replace the current fonts with the duplicate ones, essentially updating them.
  • Merge: Merging duplicate fonts combines the unique characters from each font, providing a comprehensive collection while avoiding redundancy (inc. the existing Duplicates).

I often have to deal with same fonts available as TTF and OTF (from Google or because they are provided in both formats locally).

I’d like to have a setting that if a font is the same but available as OTF or TTF, to choose which to activate and which not. This would lead to more consistency in InDesign. I often notice that a different font is chosen because the original one isn’t available.
At least, it feels so … :wink:


Hello @torste3d, thank you for post and welcome to the forum :pray:
You can already pick which specific font file to activate if you open that font’s Family page :slight_smile:
Thank you again,
FontBase Dev Team

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Hi Yuriy, thanks for your reply. That i can choose between the fonts manually is well known and i mostly handle it that way. Sometimes, when I open a file after a few weeks, different fonts in the set become activated and InDesign shows them as missing.
Not an urgent problem, but for convenience for sure :slight_smile:


I can see where you coming from. I guess you are talking about automated filtering and grouping, so all the same-named fonts get grouped, and you can selectively choose multiple or individual fonts to disable or switch off the particular formats/extensions, and vice versa.