Efficient Way to Organise Fonts

I’m having some basic questions just to utilize the functionality of this software.

  1. Keeping the root folder of Fontbase on the OS (C:) drive (m.2) or any other HDD drive, which one would be fast and effective? Does having it on OS have any impact on app startups, or would having it on HDD take time to load? or something that makes it laggy?.

  2. Having the root folder on the OS (C:) drive and making a font library with all font organization on the HDD drive and making it a watched folder. Would this be an optimal way to start building it, or may it cause any future troubles on the go?
    What would be your recommendation?

Hello @USER1, thank you for your post and welcome to the forum :pray:

  1. There should be no major performance difference between the two options.
  2. The safer way would be to have the root folder on the non-OS drive, well, in case you need to re-install your OS at some point and not having to move the FontBase root folder.
    Let’s hope other forum users have some useful tips, could be an interesting discussion:)
    Hope this helps,
    FontBase Dev Team