Export selected Fonts / Open in Explorer/Finder

I wish to have an export selected font function. I often need to send used fonts of my project to clients.
At the moment i need to find the font manualy in explorer. A little export function would help alot. A little “open in finder” would do it also.

Thank you

You mean like this

and this


Jess exactly like this!!!
Did you just added this feature for me/us? …or could I not find it?

Nope i definetly don’t have these settings! This would be perfect! :smiley:

Ups, i’m so sorry. Now i found it. I just need to open the font family first and then left click to have the “go to file” feature!

…and the “package” feature only shows up in collections…got it!
I didn’t made any collections before, just folders, that’s why i couldn’t see it.

Thanks alot!