[feature request] ability to know which fonts are already in a collection and which are not


(1) I am wishing for a feature, or checkbox in the ALL section like “don’t show fonts that are already in a collection”, this would help me in time sorting them, i cannot remember which are and which not, and do a lot of double work every time. Now you just have to sort them and if the counter in the collection doesn’t go up, i know it’s already there.

(2) I also had another idea, I’m using two computers with FontBase, but they do not share an online drive so i use the import collections option to sync them, maybe there could be two kinds of |Import Collections|, one option where the new collection setup replaces the other, and one where it’s more like “add them to the current setup” (nothing gets deleted just added upon)

Hope this gets implemented!
Thanks :slight_smile: