[Feature request] Add licensing tags in SuperSearch

Would be great to have licensing management like tags in SuperSearch panel.
We could specified license type of a font like normal tags, but in dedicated group named “LICENSES” (see the screenshot below)

I think it’s a great idea, the management would be quite complex, I have fonts going back 15 years and I don’t have that kind of information at hand anymore.

I think this be good for more newer users starting there collection or for design agency to manage use.

I just don’t think that personal use will come in to action with bigger licensing requirements as big firms and agencies.

You don’t want to make the application too complex and big.

There are many font management software out there but they get too big and loss out on prime functions.

FontBase strength is simplicity clean functional and Adobe Plugin, with the incoming tag AI I do not think there is much more needed.

This is my opinion with my use of fonts day to day, my view might not take into account other workflows.

You can currently create your own tags with any info you need to attach to fonts. Including the license type. Is the dedicated section really needed for this?

I have been trying it out, and I don’t think it’s needed; the tag system works fine.

I totally agree with the fact that we could manage it with the existing tags.

The only thing that bother me is that we will end up will several “categories” of tags in the same tag list (for example : tags with font type - serif, display etc; and tags with licensing - OFL, MIT, etc), which can slow down the search process as we will need to select several tags (one per “category” if we want a serif font under OFL for example) in the same section as we will need to read all tags and get focused to remember in which “category” they are.
Plus as said by ChrisSan, it will be complicated for older users to take time to update every single font with those licenses tags, and will be easier if AI (or something else maybe) could auto-tag fonts to pick the correct license

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Hi Marie,

Thank you for the reply. I started some time ago and purchased fonts here and there. This was an expensive thing compared to nowadays, and any free typography available was a grab. There were collections that you could buy on CD’s which I have no idea where they are now; as time passes and tech changes, I have not had a CD ROM for a few years.

With time I have collected fonts free and paid, and my collection is at 39k. So I’m removing and adding at the same time. “with the care that I don’t need them for some old project on has to revive.”

These days we get different font types OTF, TTF versions, plus web versions, added to the mix we are collecting more.

I am adding the fonts under providers. This keeps them organised and in smaller groups. For example, in Windows in the FontBase root folder, there is a folder called provider there, and I catalogue where they came from, i.e. Design Cuts, Logo Design Collection, Pro Fonts etc.

There is no reason for you not to add fonts by licence