[Feature request] Change the font displayed for a family

I would love to be able to choose which font is displayed to showcase the family (when I have the option ‘Group fonts into families’ selected).

Sometimes, especially for big font families, the font choosed by the software to display the grouped family isn’t representative of the font family (a very light or bold weight, condensed or extended for example). It would be nice to be able to manually change that, maybe with right-clicking on the wished font and press a button like “choose to display the family”.
If it’s not technically possible, maybe make it always (or the most of the time) display the ‘regular’ font ?


Hi, @_thibault, thank you for your message and welcome to the forum.
It might be possible. As this request is already in the Greenlight category, let’s see if it gets any traction with the community.
With enough support it will most likely be included in one of the future releases.
FontBase Dev Team


That would be very usefull. I miss this feature, too.


I don’t understand very much this idea. Could you explain it further?

I’m not sure how to make it clearer but I will try with a screen capture of my software :

In this example, the “Antique Olive Std” family is displayed by the ‘Bold Condensed’ style instead of the ‘Roman’ which would be excepted.
The reason behind this request is mainly to compare similar font families in a simpler way (no need to click on the family to scroll to the desired font).
Finally, with a button like “choose to display the family”, we could change the displayed font as wanted for different usages (e.g. compare bolder or lighter weights).

I hope this make this request clearer !

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