[Feature Request] Disable Crowd Tags

I beg you allow us to disable the Crowd Tags at all!
They are confusing, misleading, often simply wrong. They clutter the screen.
It is completely useless in this form!
I understand someone asked for this, but why force it on everyone?
What am I supposed to do with tags like bold, book, clean, friendly or invitation? And they keep multiplying!
Today the label web appeared.
I’m can’t wait for letter, writing or will write, don’t throw it away.
It’s just a bad joke. It makes the whole tagging thing useless.

Best regards,

Egyed Serf


I totally agree! I already asked for this a year ago. Being able to Show/Hide Crowd Tags as a whole would be super useful.


I don’t mind sharing my tag data, but the tag data i get in is super random. The only font that fits the “hipster” tag is an ornate 18. century drop capitals font. I think I’d like to turn it off.

(semi-related: If the tag data is supposed to work, it should be weighted somehow. So you can downvote a tag application if it’s off the mark. This is a big boon if you want input from the most far gone typophiles.)

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Exactly! The criterium right now is that at least three people must have given the same tag - that’s a way too weak criterium for correct data in my opinion. Especially with no way of downvoting if there are errors.