[Feature Request] Display all fonts in a specific weight

I’m trying to test a font that performs well for readability purposes, but currently it’s not possible because the fonts are displayed in a random weight instead of a fixed one.

Having the possibility to show all of them in Regular, or Heavy would be the solution. And if the weight it’s not available, show some kind of message saying “Font not available on this weight”

Hello @crisalarconworks, welcome to the forum and thank you for the detailed post.
There is a very similar functionality already implemented in the application.
You can search by font weight (among other parameters) using advanced search (SuperSearch, the lightning icon on the left of the Sidebar)
E.g. searching with “weight: 0.48-0.51” would result in the effect you’re looking for (this is a relatively more accurate way since different font designers sometimes have different ideas of what specific weight value corresponds to “regular”).
Hope this helps,
FontBase Dev Team


Awesome! It did help. Thank you.