[Feature request] Highlight the selected font's folder

We have a lot of different subfolders that contain specific fonts.

When browser through the fonts and selecting one it would be nice if the containing folder would get highlighted.

A possible way doing this could be with a little dot + background color:


Hello @Bumpy, thank you for the post and welcome to the forum :pray:
An interesting idea with the dot, thank you :pray: The folders are already highlighted as your screenshot shows, yeah. Let’s see what the community thinks about this one:)
Thank you again,
FontBase Dev Team

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To clarify, the folder currently only highlights when the actual folder is selected.

In my case, if I were to select the “Fonts 4.0” folder you see at the top, and then click a font that’s part of “Display Handdrawn”, the dot should appear next to Display Handdrawn, while Fonts 4.0 is the actual selected folder.


Hope that makes sense!

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Yes! This please!
I often need to select new fonts, and do so from the top folder. But fonts are sorted in separate folders, some of which I can and can’t use. The dot would be very helpful, so I can instantly see which folder the font is in. You have my vote!

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a (tiny tiny) ‘dot’.

and that is the best ‘UI’ option you can come up with?


how about doing what most other apps in the world do???
highlight the bg???

alternatively you could change the text colour

both of these very simple to deploy

now i do not seem to have any case of that ‘nested’ structure you show (maybe there is some function/option that i have not realised); but using my two suggestions above, i would suggest that the most suitable UI would be to highlight bg of active root folder, and highlight text of selected folder. that should work well.

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My brother in Christ, calm down.

One of the first things that you learn in UI design is that color should not be the only indicator that something is different, this is due to accessibility reasons in regards to color blind people.

Since a folder can already have a different background color due to actually being opened/selected, it’s wise to show the selected font through a different matter. Whether or not that should be done with a dot or another solution is up for debate.

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Hello @dec, thank you for your suggestions :pray:
FontBase Dev Team

… ok. sure. something more easily visible and more obvious than a small green dot which is so/too similar to the existing calligraphy/typography used.

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PS And, given your familiarity, who am i speaking to?

I totally agree with dec. There are many ways to make a selected item visibly more clear. Making a difference between foreground and background seems to me the worldwide standard obvious choice. A very small non standard, non distinctive green dot certainly is not.

If not following the OS ‘color theme’ setting as many applications do, then making it at least a configurable setting would give freedom to adjust it to every user’s personal preference.

cool feature request - totally matches my wish to find the path of a certain font that I select in a font list (from a search or from the listing of a folder with subfolders). please UP this on your priority list for new features. you could also consider adding the actual path of the file on disk to the font listing (would love that too). thanks, etienne