[Feature request] Highlight the selected font's folder

We have a lot of different subfolders that contain specific fonts.

When browser through the fonts and selecting one it would be nice if the containing folder would get highlighted.

A possible way doing this could be with a little dot + background color:

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Hello @Bumpy, thank you for the post and welcome to the forum :pray:
An interesting idea with the dot, thank you :pray: The folders are already highlighted as your screenshot shows, yeah. Let’s see what the community thinks about this one:)
Thank you again,
FontBase Dev Team

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To clarify, the folder currently only highlights when the actual folder is selected.

In my case, if I were to select the “Fonts 4.0” folder you see at the top, and then click a font that’s part of “Display Handdrawn”, the dot should appear next to Display Handdrawn, while Fonts 4.0 is the actual selected folder.


Hope that makes sense!

Yes! This please!
I often need to select new fonts, and do so from the top folder. But fonts are sorted in separate folders, some of which I can and can’t use. The dot would be very helpful, so I can instantly see which folder the font is in. You have my vote!