[Feature request] Quickly add tag(s)

Would be great if we just have to tick/untick boxe(s) to apply tag(s) quickly, instead to have to rewrite it for each font.

So the pop-up containing the input for typing tag will contain the list of all tags of a user, unticked by default (if no tag(s) applied) and still the cursor in the input ready to write tag title (as it is already).


Yes a drop down menu would be great idea.


Or an autofill while you type a tag - as it is in Google Keep e.g.
Now it’s not transparent and totally useless - I have to keep the list of tags I have to copy/past them. Moreover, in SuperSearch the list of available tags is not scrolling. It is croped by a few entries.

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It should be on top of the Greenlight list! The only reason I applied to the Awesome is tagging and supersearch features. Come on guys, awaiting it in the nearest releases!

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