[Feature request] Quickly add tag(s)

Would be great if we just have to tick/untick boxe(s) to apply tag(s) quickly, instead to have to rewrite it for each font.

So the pop-up containing the input for typing tag will contain the list of all tags of a user, unticked by default (if no tag(s) applied) and still the cursor in the input ready to write tag title (as it is already).


Yes a drop down menu would be great idea.


Or an autofill while you type a tag - as it is in Google Keep e.g.
Now it’s not transparent and totally useless - I have to keep the list of tags I have to copy/past them. Moreover, in SuperSearch the list of available tags is not scrolling. It is croped by a few entries.


It should be on top of the Greenlight list! The only reason I applied to the Awesome is tagging and supersearch features. Come on guys, awaiting it in the nearest releases!


Bumping this to say that not only would this feature help with tagging fonts quickly, but it would also greatly cut down on inconsistencies from people accidentally spelling tags differently each and every time.

I think this is a good idea in general, but if this gets implemented, it needs to be considered that there are people like me who have more than 30 tag categories. So showing all of them would be a total mess in this drop-down menu.