Finding (& Deleting Dupicate Fonts

This sort of duplicates an three year old Topic, but i have created a New Topic on the same issue with some additional info/ideas … (mainly because i can’t see how to do a new Post in that Topic, only Replies)

but first i need an answer to this question to clarify this issue … how do you actually get ‘duplicate fonts’?
obviously you can’t have fonts with the same file names (duplicates with Google and local fonts is different of course)
so what is happening?

checking Font Managers, here is an excerpt that mention some Font Manager that DO apparently have font duplicate finders …

but once i get an answer to the above question, i MIGHT have an easy duplicate solution for you …

Hello @dec, thank you for your post :pray:
If a family has any duplicates, they are shown in the Family page (Family Page — FontBase Tutorials)
Also, you can have the same font files with different file paths and names, that’s how they will end up as duplicates in FontBase.
Hope this helps,
FontBase Dev Team

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so, Yuri, are you actually saying that Users have to open every Font Family file to look for dups?

i am sure that will work well. NOT.

now, that said, while i have you ‘here’, just confirm/clarify me: do all font variants have separate files?

so that every single font and variant has it own specific file?

Hello @dec, thank you for your reply :pray:
I am not saying, nor did I say, that users have to do anything. I merely explained that FontBase has a way to identify and access duplicate font files, which works for most of our users based on feedback we get. Although not all users, and for some it causes quite a considerable amount of discomfort indeed. Implying that this functionality is outright absent, as we’ve noticed some forum users do, is not very accurate and is far from being the truth.
As for font variants and separate files - this question of how fonts are organised on a specific user’s computer, so I’m not sure I can answer it completely. This is not a FontBase question. Technically - I don’t think so, for example there are .ttc files with several font variants inside a single font file. Please keep in mind that FontBase only supports .otf and .ttf files though.
Thank you again,

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ok. noted.
so i cannot depend on font variants having separate files, only primary fonts

Thank you for your reply @dec :pray:
That would depend entirely on the font files and the font’s you’re using.