Folder Doesn't Update When New Fonts Added

I keep my fonts in a folder and added that folder to Fontbase. Things work, but when I add a new font within that folder, my list in Fontbase doesn’t update. I have to remove the folder and re-add it to Fontbase for it to update.

  • MacOS Monterey 12.6 (work computer, haven’t gotten authorization to update the OS yet from IT)
  • FontBase version 2.18.1 (2.18.1)

Hello @TheMorningLine, thank you for the post and welcome to the forum:)
Seems like what you’re looking for is what we call a watched folder.
If you dropped the folder over FontBase to add it the app made a copy of it in the root folder, an intended behaviour, so that in case you decide to remove or otherwise alter your fonts via FontBase the originals would still be left intact.
The other way to add folders is through the “Add” bottom at the bottom left of the app.
So try the following:

  • Remove the folder in question from FontBase
  • Click “Add”
  • Select “Watched folder”
  • Pick the folder you’ve been adding previously

Try adding or removing some fonts in that folder via your file explorer and you should see the changes reflected in FontBase.
We also have a handy set of tutorials at
Hope this helps,
FontBase Dev Team

Interesting, I feel like I’ve used regular folders in the past and not had this issue, but I’ll give that a shot. Thanks!

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