Folders will not delete

After my second re-install, and my 4th time re-starting in safe mode. I was able to delete almost all the fonts. I’m down to only 2 left inside a single folder. Both still give me the ‘cannot delete because the file is in use message’. I suspect this is in part an issue of the windows explorer system as turning off the ‘preview’ pane did help with some of them.

I’ll continue to plug away…

I’m trying to restructure my fonts with a fresh install and watched folders.
I deactivated all my fonts, deleted all folders from the app itself through the UI (right click delete folder) then un-installed the app.

After I un-installed, I noticed the root folder in my c drive remained and inside are 2 font folders that include fonts. I am unable to delete them. I have tried removing the folders (Unable to delete because the items are in use message)…have tried deleting the individual fonts (same message).

If I re-install the program these folders are automatically added to the fresh install. I’ve even tried moving where the root folder goes. The two folders in question still remain and I’m unable to delete. Combined the folders have about 1300 fonts.

I’ve tried re-starts in safe mode and deleting from the command prompt. I can’t get rid of them!

Fontbase 2.17.5
Windows 10 Pro Version 21H2

There are a bunch of free utilities that will do that Lock Hunter from Crystal Rich is my favorite. SoftwareOK has a “delete on boot” or something like that. Free and portable

I believe this is a Windows issue as I’ve had this happen with other folders/programs. One thing you can try other then a utility might be turning off your computer and leaving it off for a bit (10+ minutes) then trying to delete the folders from safe mode start. This has worked for me with stubborn files.

Timesaver: Instead of waiting, power off, unplug and with it unplugged hit the power button several times (often you will see the light flash on the first press) then plug in and go after that folder. That clears out the capacitors and does the same as waiting