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Hi all, I’m new here, but I’ve been using FontBase (free version) for a very long time (win 10, 11), on many PC’s and with two Awesome licenses as well (for glyphs). Ever since I started, the activation feature has never worked for any app I use. Activated fonts show as activated in FontBase but they have never shown up in my apps, and I have to go to the font file and manually install into the system. I assumed my apps are simply incompatible, but now I got the idea to ask is this really the case? Again, this is over many, many years, over many different computers and clean installs, so it’s not really pertinent to any specific version.

My apps:

Vegas Pro
Finale (music notation software)

Thanks for your time.

Hello @musicwumusic and welcome to the forum :pray:
Do FontBase activated fonts show up in something like MS Office or Adobe CC apps for example?
If not, then this would indicate that the cause is somewhere within FontBase itself.
If they do show up, then more likely than not it’s, as you’ve mentioned, a compatibility issue, unfortunately :pensive:
Thank you again,
FontBase Dev Team

Hi musicwumusic

Maybe an issue with restrictions of your Windows configuration? Do you have some individual security configured? I also use e.g. photobook software (pimitive programed app) and all my apps can use fonts activated with Fontbase. Single apps maybe use to be restarted when a new font is activated. Fontbase without ability of management and activation of the fonts would be useless for me. I think I started with licensed Fontbase from the beginning(?), without free version. It never worked for you also with free version? For a single PC I would suggest deinstallation and cleaning of registry but if it occurs on all your PCs …???
One more check: If you activate fonts in Fontbase and afterwards look in Windows → fonts. All Fontbase activated fonts are shown there with a blue arrow (means “link” to the Fontbase activation) and so they are present in the system.

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