Font collection questions

several questions about collections:

  1. is it possible to select multiple fonts, not consecutive, to move at once to a collection folder?
    ex. font abc, font zxy and font lmn are not listed next to each other but spread out on the list. can I select all of them and then drag as a group to the collection folder?

  2. is it possible for a font to be in multiple collection folders?
    ex. i may classify a font as grungy and typewriter and would want to see it in both folders

  3. is it possible to edit a category name? so far I’m finding I need to delete it and recreate one with the new name.

  4. is there an easy way to see on the font list if and what category it is in?

  5. what does it mean when a font shows as rectangular boxes with x’s in them?


Hello @RedHaute, thank you for your post :pray:

  1. Yes, just use Ctrl+Click or CMD+Click depending on your OS.
  2. I suspect by “collection folder” you mean a folder, so yes, absolutely.
  3. If by “category” you mean a collection, then yes, you can edit the name by double-clicking it in the collections list first.
  4. Not at the moment, sorry.
  5. It can mean that a specific font does not have the corresponding glyphs you’re trying to display (editing the preview text might help with this), or possibly there are some internal inconsistencies with the font file itself that prevent it from being displayed properly.
    Hope this helps,
    FontBase Dev Team

Hope to have some time soon to work on organizing these and will give these suggestions a try.

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