Font Location & Duplication

there are so many different variations of questions about where fonts are saved it is hard to work them all out; but i will try to be quite explicit and specific here …

for a start, FontBase is working fine.

currently, i have C:\FontBase\FONTS as my fonts folder; BUT, what is confusing/annoying me is that FontBase then duplicates every one of them into its .fontbase Folder.

some time ago, i moved C:\FONTS inside …\FontBase in the hope that this might prevent this duplication, but no such thing apparently.

does it have to be this way? is that just the way FontBase works by design?


i just actually checked my …\FONTS folder, and now it seems that they are NOT duplicated! but are now all on….fontbase folder (apart from some new fonts i just unzipped). very strange. bit in that case i have no problem!

Hello @dec, thank you for your post :pray:
Can we consider this issue resolved then?
Thank you again,
FontBase Dev Team

hey Don,

this might be unnecessary for you at this point but may be worth a mention for others. I am on a PC Win 10 and I set up my FontBase as such; FontBase is installed on my E: drive but I set up a separate “watched” folder “! Fonts archive” for all my fonts. Initially my observation was the same as yours, duplicate fonts, rats . . .

what you may actually see are “shortcuts” to the original fonts. Example, my “!Fonts archive” folder contains 8,575 files for 1.12 GB, however the “FontBase” folder is only 16 MB. under the FontBase root folder is another folder named “!Fonts archive” but that fold is actually a shortcut to the source. this set up has made FontBase super easy to add new fonts, and it keeps the install folder neat and clean.


hi there Gil

thanks for helpful reply.
i had to read a couple of times to get it.

let be think and compare and see if that might help me in some way.

PS but did you see my postscript? all those duplicate fonts in …/FontBase/FONTS disappeared: so something else (in FontBase) is in play i think

PPS what sort of support are you getting from FontBase support? do you see them actually fixing/enhancing anything?