Font Text Samples

I have been researching the best/most useful texts to use in FB and elsewhere to check font appearance.

This is currently a work in progress.

Confusing Characters

0o 0O I1 i1 iI iI1! 2Zz 8Bb 5Ss$ Gg6 cool cod nnsnonosoo buggy smuggle missing

Numbers matter: 1234567890, and so does punctuation! ’ " , ; : ? % ! $ @ & ( ) * = + / Email:, web:

a á à ả ã ạ ă ắ ằ ẳ ẵ ặ â ấ ầ ẩ ẫ ậ d đ e é è ẻ ẽ ẹ ê ế ề ể ễ ệ i í ì ỉ ĩ ị o ó ò ỏ õ ọ ô ố ồ ổ ỗ ộ ơ ớ ờ ở ỡ ợ u ú ù ủ ũ ụ ư ứ ừ ử ữ ự y ý ỳ ỷ ỹ ỵ ’ " , ; : ? % ! $ @ & ( ) * = + /

Có bao nhiêu thiên thần có thể phù hợp trên đầu của một chiếc ghim? ’ " , ; : ? % ! $ @ & ( ) * = + /

NOTE: the use of pangrams, ie the quick brown fox etc, is totally discredited (and should never have been used for this purpose in the first place. to my knowledge, their intended use was in typing tests.)

Text Samples
(Resize font in FB to fit as desired (on single line)on screen. You should at some point display and check fonts in approx the size that you will be actually using.)

Quick zephyrs blow, vexing daft Jim. Jackdaws love my big sphinx of quartz. Pack my box with five dozen liquor jugs.

The quick movement of the fox startled the birds. Lazy mornings in cosy blankets are pure bliss. Joyful times and great company make life beautiful.

The wind whispers through the trees, rustling the leaves. The aroma of freshly baked bread filled the air.

The vast ocean stretched endlessly before them. Laughter filled the room, creating a warm atmosphere. A single raindrop fell, sending ripples across the still water.

The mischievous imp hid amongst the flickering candlelight. The velvety petals of the rose unfolded, revealing its delicate beauty.

The old clock tower chimed midnight, its deep tones echoing through the empty streets. A lone figure walked beneath the gaslight, their footsteps the only sound in the silence.

The aroma of coffee filled the cosy cafe, inviting customers to linger over a warm cup and conversation. Laughter mingled with the clinking of spoons, creating a sense of community.

The waves crashed against the rocky shore, sending spray high into the air. The salty breeze whipped through her hair as she stood mesmerized by the power of the ocean.

Hello @dec, thank you for the great suggestion :pray:
FontBase Dev Team

That’s interesting. I’ll add one important unfortunately still important character for german speaking: ß. In many e.g. decorative (often free but also paid) fonts from english speaking creators this ß is missing!
Regards, Matt