Fontbase clashes with After Effects

Hey guys,

Recently I have had problems using After Effects when Fontbase is open. It started all of a sudden as well. Everytime I have Fontbase open my After Effects becomes all buggy, especially when it comes to using fonts in After Effects. I kept on getting random error messages about not being able to use the font or that the after effect would say that the fonts are corrupt. I have contacted Adobe support and they did fix the problem a few times but it keeps on coming back, and its usually only when fontbase is active. I don’t know if the team is aware of this, its not such a big nuisance but it would be nice if it could work in sync, rather than me having to quit FontBase everytime I want to use After Effects.


Please include the flowing when reporting a bug:

  • Windows 10 Pro
  • FontBase 2.15.3
  • Using After Effects at the same time as FontBase

How many fonts do you have active in FontBase?

around 120 fonts. Now I have 128 font activated.