Fontbase “Could not download update…”


I am using the free version of Fontbase version 2.16.6 on iMac Catalina 10.15.7, and upon opening Fontbase, I get the pop up box “Could not download update”. Does the latest Fontbase version not support Catalina? If I was to manually download latest update from the website and install, will I lose my collections?


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Can you try downloading the latest 2.16.9 release manually from our website and install that? FontBase — Update History

I’m having the same issue. I’m on 10.15.7 - Catalina. I download - from the Fontbase website - 2.16.9 and when I click on it to open - it just shuts down.

I’ve just updated all my Adobe CC apps, I’ve paid for a year of Fontbase. Please advise.

Can you try downloading an earlier version? 2.16.9 may not run on Catalina.

I have and it earlier version works, BUT no Adobe CC 2022 support/plugin.

I’m having the same issue. I currently have paid FontBase version 2.16.8, using Adobe CC 2022, Mac Big Sur version 11.6.

FontBase is working with my Adobe Photoshop 2022, but not sure what update it’s trying to download and cannot.