Fontbase Installs All Personal fonts but Won't Deactivate

Fontbase has been installing all of my personal fonts directly in to the Windows 11 system but will not deactivate or delete the fonts leaving them permanently installed. I have tried every variation of the fontbase settings. Adobe fonts is not activated or being used what so ever.

It started about 3 weeks ago after the fontbase version updates. I did a full wipe and clean install of Windows 11, including starting clean with only CC, Acrobat, and Illustrator.

I have to spend 30 minutes or more deleting installed fonts every few days to make sure my system does not slow or bog due to all the installed fonts. The only folders my personal fonts are kept is Fontbase root, default folder.

I am a paid license subscriber.

  • Windows 11 Home
  • Version 22H2 - 22621.819
  • FontBase version 2.18.1

Hello @upondeez, thank you for your post, welcome to the forum and sorry to hear you’re having difficulties with font activation.
FontBase is unable to take complete control over default system fonts and activate/deactivate them properly since Windows has priority over them. This is why it is not recommended to add the system fonts folder into FontBase (neither as a regular nor as a watched folder).
If I understood the issue correctly, the way to fix this would be to remove the folders containing the fonts in question from FontBase, restart the computer, and the issue should be resolved.
Hope this helps,
FontBase Dev Team

Thanks for your reply @yuriy. I have not added the system folder to fontbase at any point. The only thing I do is put my personal fonts inside the default Fontbase root folder. See attached screen shots.

If this is not the correct way to set up Fontbase, can you please tell me the best way to set it up and have my personal fonts inside Fontbase?

Here is the 2nd screen shot.

Thank you @upondeez for such a quick reply and for the additional details :pray:
The system fonts are not the issue then, thank you for the clarification.
When you mentioned that FontBase won’t deactivate fonts after they’ve been activated.
So when you activate a font (e.g. hit the circle in the top left corner of a font or a group of fonts) and the activation button turns green, does clicking it again (to toggle activation status, i.e. deactivate if it’s active) not work?

Hi upondeez

Maybe it helps, here my workflow (win10):
For to see it in Fontbase I have created a normal folder (e.g. named systemfonts) in Fontbase folder and copied the system fonts from Windows fonts there - with no changing effect - but so I know what fonts are installed in the system and see duplicates in my additional fonts. All my own fonts I have sorted in folders and added to Fontbase as watched folders(!). Fontbase now creates this Foldernames in its root folder (linked to my own font folders). So if I change anything in my own fonts folders (delete or add fonts) it is also updated in Fontbase folder structure. Works fine so far …
In Windows System the activated fonts from Fontbase are shown with the blue link arrow. Aktivation and deactivation within Fontbase is no problem in my system.


OP, did you by any chance set the FontBase folder to be where your system fonts are stored?

To my knowledge, FontBase uses AddFontResourceA (AddFontResourceA function (wingdi.h) - Win32 apps | Microsoft Learn) to provide fonts to the system while the program is running, so it shouldn’t be permanently adding anything to your system fonts.

My problem is fixed by installing font for all users.