FontBase light dark & theme work in progress — thoughts?

Working on light and dark themes for FontBase. Here’s a preview of the light one. What do you think?


I much prefer lighter themes, although maybe not bright white which can be glaring.

I too prefer light themes for my design apps. This looks good to me.

Приятно глазу прям когда белая

Dark theme work in progress:

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Continuing working on this, we have removed some unnecessary lines from the UI, and rearranged the spacings a bit to make it cleaner and easier to look at.

Love it, really looking forward to a dark version!
What would also be nice, but not sure if possibl, that the whole window changes colors when you adjust the colors for the type, gives a cleaner and more effective visual context to trying out fonts in different color settings, eg. roughly gives one an idea of how it looks in UI, website, etc.

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