Fontbase no longer working Mac Ventura 13.6.5

Fontbase won’t work anymore on my iMac running Ventura 13.6.5

I noticed that it would stop showing the fontbase window and I would have to restart my computer to get it to work. Then it started being unable to activate/deactivate fronts (until I restarted computer again). Now it just doesn’t run at all.

I had trouble trying to uninstall it as it seemed to think it was open. I found and quit the processes via activity monitor and managed to uninstall it. Downloaded the latest version and reinstalled it. But now it doesn’t work. Restarting computer doesn’t help. It is back to thinking it is open but not showing the window — and doesn’t appear in the force quit applications window either.

Very frustrating.

Hello @Tizzbang, thank you for your post and welcome to the forum :pray:
And thank you for the detailed explanation of the problem, sorry to hear about the situation :pensive:
Would it be possible for you to try this guide Reset Settings — FontBase Tutorials and see if it makes a difference?
Thank you again,
FontBase Dev Team

Yes I had already tried that but there was no fontbase folder in my library/application support folder. I have uninstalled and reinstalled fontbase several times. It used to be great but it just doesn’t seem to be reliable on Ventura.

I just tried again now and it just doesn’t mount. Fontbase activity shows up in the activity monitor but the program doesn’t work.

Hello @Tizzbang, thank you for the quick reply :pray:
And thank you for trying this option, sorry it didn’t help :pensive:
About the missing FontBase settings folder - this is very similar to what we’ve recently discussed here with another user. In the end the issue was resolved.
Would it be possible for you to try it and see if it helps?
Here’s a link to the message and the relevant topic.

Thank you again,
FontBase Dev Team