FontBase sees some variable fonts as static

I have a few variable fonts I’ve been trying to sync, though FontBase seems to prioritize syncing static font weights instead. I think having the option to prioritize variable fonts over static weights would be a great addition.

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and what about displaying all the weights of a variable font? Or maybe an information indicating that it is a varable font?

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What would be really helpful for that is listing the different variables (Weight, width, grade, etc) and allowing the user to test them within Fontbase.

Perhaps also in font listings, there could be an icon that indicates that a font is variable? Or a way to view only variable fonts

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Yes in file listing (window “styles”) should be information for variable fonts.

Actually this time I found out, that in “waterfall” window I can see/check the variable styles type with a slider - good. I didn’t know this! But for searching fonts it would be very good to see in the “style” window font listing information that it’s a variable font (weight info). Now I see there only e.g. the “thin” style and have to change to “waterfall” window for to check whether it is a varable font or not - much time consuming …

Also Google Fonts contain actually more than 300 variable fonts I think …

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Really? Interesting. Waterfall view doesn’t give me those options, even when just selecting variable typefaces.

You are apple user? I’m an exotic graphic designer working constantly with PC/Windows for different reasons :wink:
If it is a variable font I see the weight-slider in the right window left of Waterfall, otherwise there is no slider.
Maybe not yet implemented for Mac?

Hello guys, sorry for the delay and thank you for your posts:)
The Win and Mac version should be the same in this regard. could you try selecting a different font in the dropdown menu above the “Choosing and combining type” text?
Looks like you have several font files in that family. FontBase does not see this selected font as a variable font (otherwise you’d see sliders as @Matty mentioned). So either the selected font is just a different non-variable font file and picking the proper one would do the trick, or, possibly, something went wrong when FontBase was trying to recognise the font and ended up loading it as a normal non-variable font.
Hope this helps,
FontBase Dev Team

Thanks yuriy, it looks like the sliders do come up, but only on specific variable typefaces, like Roboto Flex

Though on other ones, like Meshed Display for example, you can see that I’m looking into the variable typeface folder, where there is only one font recognized, and it looks like it’s instead showing presets for the variables rather than sliders

You can also see inside of the folder here that there is only one true type file

However, in Illustrator, the variable sliders are accessible


Do you know what could be going on?

Hello, thank you for the quick follow-up:)
And thank you for the additional data. It appears the variable fonts functionality is not broken, which is good news. The bad news is that, most likely, due to the file structure the font designers used in this font, FontBase is unable to recognise it as a variable font and treats it as a normal one, even though in reality it is variable.
Unfortunately font file creation is not 100% standardised as far as I understand, so sometimes situations like this happen.
Sorry for the trouble and thank you again,

PS Closing as being resolved.