Fontbase stopped working after freshinstall of windows

Windows 11 pro, 20.0.22621 Build 22621
FB 2.18.1

After installing a fresh version of Windows, fontbase’s imported/installed fonts to Window’s font folder do not work in Figma specifically, they do work in Photoshop for example.
But this is not Figma’s bug or problem, since installing fonts directly (also as a shortcut) works perfectly fine.

I’ve tried to reinstall fontbase multiple times even to older versions.
Reinstalled Figma and Figma agent (Even tho it’s not figma’s bug).

I have no idea why it doesn’t work, even tho you can see the font in Window’s Fonts folder when you enable it in fontbase.

Found a solution, updating the windows seems to fix it.

Yet I’m not sure if it’s because it cleaned up the old/cached files that I deleted or just something in Windows itself.

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