Fontbase won't open

Hey guys, been running FontBase for a couple of years now. Love it.

A few days ago it just decided to stop working.
It won’t open, not after a restart, nothing.
When I click the app icon in my dock it does nothing, yet the ‘Last opened’ state in the info pane has the current date and time… I’m bamboozled.

I’ve spent a very long time organising my fonts into beautiful OCD-level folders within the app so am reluctant to delete it and reinstall, but hoping you can help.

I’m on a Macbook Pro (3.1GHz Quad-Core i7) running OS 11.3.1 with Fontbase version 2.16.6

Thanks in advance,

I’ve just downloaded the latest version of FontBase for Mac (2.17.5) and replaced my application file. Sadly no joy.

Hello @be_angus, thank you for the post, welcome to the forum and sorry to hear you’re having these issues, will try to help.
Please, before trying anything of the below, read through it a few times and don’t proceed until you’re aware of the potential data loss. We’d like to avoid that as much as possible.
If you have further questions or need clarifications - please don’t hesitate to ask before doing anything.
Your FontBase data (font data, collections, activation status etc) are located at
~/Library/Application Support/FontBase/IndexedDB
Just in case, make a copy of this folder before making any further manipulations to save all the data you’ve been gathering and organising for so long.
Do you happen to remember where your FontBase root folder is located?
As a possible fix, after you’ve copied the above IndexedDB folder, you could try removing it (but keeping a copy someplace else!), then restarting the computer just in case and then restarting FontBase. It should launch as if freshly installed. Then, in case you had a custom root folder location, pick that path as your root folder path. If you were using the default root folder path - no need to change anything.
This will reset the activation status of your fonts - FontBase won’t remember which ones were active last time you launched. Also, the collections will go missing. But the folder structure should stay intact.
Hope this helps,
FontBase Dev Team

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Thanks so much Yuriy, really appreciate your help.

I went to find my FontBase data, and there is nothing in Application Support… which may well be the problem. I haven’t deleted anything, I know enough to know what I don’t know, but I’m unsure how those files could be missing.

I searched my computer for ‘FontBase’ and could only find the app itself, the folder containing my actual fonts, and the plugins within the specific Application folders.

I’ve restarted my machine a few times now, I would have thought FontBase would recreate the missing files but it doesn’t seem to be. I’m not sure what to suggest, but open to ideas.


Thank you for the quick follow-up:)
If I may, did you check ~/Library/Application Support/ or just ~/Application Support/ ?
If possible, could you have a look at both just in case?
Yes, if files were indeed missing, FontBase would’ve recreated what’s needed. So for now it looks like the files do exist, but something is not quite right with them.

Thanks Yuriy, you were right that I was looking in the wrong place, I forgot I had to reveal the hidden folders in OSX.

So yes it looks like the FontBase files are there. I’ll do what you suggested in your earlier message and let you know how it goes.

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Hey Yuriy, thanks again for your help.
I finally took the leap and removed the FontBase folder you mentioned above (backing it up of course). FontBase is working again, and while yes it looks like I’ve lost my meticulous level folder structure, this is a first world problem I can live with.
All looks to be working perfectly once again.
Cheers, Ben

Hello Ben, glad it worked out in the end and sorry to hear to still lost quite a bit of data.
Did the root folder path part help at all?
Thanks for keeping us in the loop,