Fonts deactivating when app is closed

Is it normal behavior for FontBase to deactivate/uninstall fonts when the app is closed? If so, can I turn this off? I would like my fonts to remain active even when the app is closed.

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Hello @hyp0xia, thank you for your post and welcome to the forum :pray:
This is normal behaviour indeed. There is no option to leave fonts active after FontBase is closed at the moment, unfortunately :pensive:
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FontBase Dev Team

Thank you kindly for your response @yuriy

Is this something that is planned on being supported in the future?

Thank you for the quick reply @hyp0xia :pray:
It’s possible, depending on how many users are ultimately interested in this feature.
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Thanks again for your response, @yuriy

I may be misinterpreting this as a bug… is this functionality a feature? If so, can you let me know how it serves the user?

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Hello @hyp0xia, thank you for the quick reply :pray:
This functionality is definitely part of the intended design, as such it’s anything but a bug:)
From what I understand, the idea behind not keeping the fonts active after FontBase is closed follows the same mindset as using a font manager for font activation in the first place: select the fonts one needs, make them available for a specific task, then disable them after until they’re needed again.
Plus there’s always an option to just minimize FontBase instead of closing, unless there are specific restrictions on the number of applications running on a specific computer or something of the kind.
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Very helpful. Thank you. This has changed my perspective on this functionality and have since set FB to load automatically and into the background. I use it more for font organization and sampling rather than needing my fonts to deactivated after use, and having the app open in the background is no issue.

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