Fonts delete and re-modify themselves in FontBase folder

Operating system: MacOS Monterey
Version: 12.4
FontBase Version: 2.17.5
What actions caused the issue: Computer going to sleep or starting up again on a new day.

Almost every time my computer goes to sleep and wakes up my Fontbase folder completely reorganizes itself and somehow deletes and re-adds some of the files, while completely deleting others so that I need to go back on my work server to retrieve them again. It will also delete those fonts from my collections forcing me to re-create them.

This has only been an issue since I got a paid subscription and used it to import my collections to my work computer manually. I then unsubscribed because I only need to keep my collections up-to-date on the computer I’m working from.

Hello @struble, thank you for the post, welcome to the forum and sorry for the delay.
Given what you’ve described, and a separate thank you for the thorough explanation by the way, it looks like the issue is because some of your data is on a remote computer/server.

Your investigation into the difference the paid subscription brought makes it look like the issue could have been in the collection auto-sync setting, is it possible? It would enable an individual to change collections on one computer and the changed to be reflected on another connected FontBase instance, modifying their collections and creating an effect similar to what you’ve described.

Also, if some of your fonts are stored remotely on the work server, if a computer goes to sleep and then wakes back up, depending on the sync technology (Google Drive, OneDrive etc) there can be issues if FontBase is running on startup/wakeup as well.

This is because of the way and sequence the computer starts up and launches all the software running on it, i.e. the computer can run FontBase first, then server file sync after. I.e. when FontBase starts the remote files are not yet available and thinks they were removed, it clears the fonts from its database, even though they might be available again in a few milliseconds or seconds (depending on the computer). Unfortunately this is a possible situation we have very limited control over when FontBase runs on startup and some of the fonts added into it are in watched folders.
One way to alleviate this would be to add server font folders as regular folders, not watched, i.e. make local copies. Although this would remove their automatic sync in case something changes on the server I’m afraid.

Hope this helps,
FontBase Dev Team

Hi Yuri!
Thanks for getting back! I do access and save files to a work server. Although none of my fonts are on the work server. I put them all in Users/erinstruble/Library/Fonts/Fontbase. I put them in the same folder path on my personal computer and they had always worked there. I got the collections onto this new work computer by exporting the collection from my personal and importing it to my new work computer. I never had them synced on a drive. I don’t actually know if this is happening on my personal computer cause I’m not using it for design work at the moment.
Erin Struble

Hello Erin,
Thank you for such a quick reply.
Hm, that’s a bit odd then.
Have you added fonts into FontBase as watched folders or regular copies?
Thank you again,

Hi Yuri,

Sorry for the delay in reply! Most of them are just loose .otf files. However some come in folders from the foundry so I just drag the folder in and then I usually try and delete any .woff or duplicate .ttf files that may be in those folders. Again, this never happens on my personal computer where I first made the collections. Only on the computer where I imported the collections.



Hello Erin, thank you for replying so quickly and sorry for getting back to you with such a delay.
Could you please confirm that the “Auto-sync collections” option in the Settings page is turned off?
This is very strange issue, given that you shouldn’t have any permissions limitations on either your work or personal computer from what I understand.
Could you perhaps try to move the root folder on your work computer to a different place?
This would help in understanding if some other processes are modifying the fonts in the current root folder location, making the changes that obstruct your work in FontBase.
Thank you again,