Fonts displaying as Squares and Glyphs not displaying at all

Windows 10 Pro, Version 22H2, OS build 19045.2604
FontBase version 2.18.1

Some of my font families are not, or only partially, displaying. I was previously using Extensis Connect and these families did display correctly. Also, the Glyphs for the fonts that are represented by squares only show a generic font glyph. Here are images of the one of the font families in question:

Since I’m only allowed a single image upload, here are the images in Google Photos.

Oh, one more thing. I have a project in Photoshop that uses Charon Bold, and the font name displays with a preview in the font’s menu. Fontbase is also able to auto-open the font for me, so everything is working except for the font display in Fontbase.

Hi @marcos97, thank you for the post and for the detailed explanation :pray:
This looks very similar that this thread:

Perhaps the solutions/workarounds mentioned there could be useful in your case?
Let us know if it helps,
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FontBase Dev Team

I ended up converting the original type 1 Postscript files to OTFs. I didn’t really want to, as I wanted to keep them in their original format. It’s funny that TakeType 2.1 TT and TakeType 4 TT which come before and come after TakeType 3 TT respectively have no problems. Also, I wonder how come Extensis Connect was able to display the font but Fontbase was not. Perhaps you would like me to forward you the Charon Type family that I first brought to your attention in the post to you for analysis as to why some fonts displayed and some didn’t.

Thank you for the quick reply :pray:
Looks like at the moment this issue has less to do with what we can influence on our end and more with the underlying technology FontBase is built upon, I’m sorry. Unfortunately this does happen to some fonts, but we are tracking the possibilities of potentially fixing this one.
Thank you again for the thorough investigation,

is there any explanation and/or fix for this serious Fontbase font problem since?

i see absolutely ZERO effort by FB to actually exp;lain and fix this serious issue

maybe time for another font manager

Hello @dec, thank you for your feedback :pray:
Alas, we do not stream out team meetings and coding on any platform online, so it indeed could look like 0 effort is being put into fixing this or other outstanding issues.
Sadly, looks like the explanation your post is in reply to does not count as an explanation in the slightest, since you insist there is literally 0, none whatsoever, effort to explain this behaviour. Sorry you feel that way, but we value your passion and your opinion nonetheless. We always welcome feedback and are trying as best we can to improve the experience our users are having with using FontBase.
The choice of a font manager is one’s own, and we always welcome feedback and opinions about FontBase. We prefer usefulness, friendliness, truthfulness and respect over intimidation, manipulation or zeal in interactions with the community, including advising people on what software to use. We can only hope the community members will share similar values, but at the end of the day the communication style is one’s own personal choice and right, and try to respect it to the best of our ability.
Thank you again,

thank for constructive friendly - and prompt - response

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