Fonts not activating, not available (Windows 11)

Using Fontbase for first time. I downloaded it and am considering a subscription – because I need to clean out my installed fonts and restore some order. But I have a folder of TT/OT fonts that are meant to replace Adobe Type 1 fonts that are no longer supported by Adobe. I opened those fonts with Fontbase. It says they are open. But they are NOT available in InDesign to replace several Type 1 fonts. WTH? I’m on a deadline.

Have you activated the font by clicking on the circle in front of the font name and seen it go green lit?

If it is green lit & active, try closing and reopening InDesign.

I don’t work with that program so I’m not sure if the above doesn’t work, what else might be the issue.

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Are your fonts original OTFs and TTFs from the foundries, or are they hot conversion done by a program? When Adobe updated its Fonts to OTF they prefaced or appended the fonts name with the foundries initials. I have the awesome version of Fontbase and missing fonts open without any intervention by me. For instance, when I open InDesign it says that I’m missing “Helvetica Neue LT Bold…”, but the file automatically opens it up after about 5 seconds and the missing font dialog box disappears. The dialog box doesn’t show me any alternatives, it just opens with the correct font.
My suggestion is checking your font names to see if they’ve been changed by the foundries. A lot of Linotype fonts now include “LT” or “Linotype” in the name. Same goes for ITC fonts.
Hope that helps.