Fonts not Opening in Create Cloud 23 apps

I’m running the latest version of Windows 10 (always update) and Fontbase 2.18.1, and I am having trouble auto-activating fonts in Illustrator 24.3 and InDesign 18.2.1. I have the Adobe plugins set to open the fonts (All the 23 versions). But they’re not opening anymore. The only way I could open them was to select Fontbase while the missing dialogue boxes were open and successfully open the font.


I have the fonts available in my Fonts folder, and it seems they were previously opening. It seems like the Adobe programs just look for the font in the Adobe Cloud and just give up if they can’t find it. Is there anything else I need to set to make the plugins work?

Never mind. I removed the plug-ins and changed the folders back to the respective plug-in folder as suggested in another post with the same issue, and now it’s working again. It must have been the recent updates to the programs that caused the problem.

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