Freely organize font folders

Hi Everyone,
I didn’t find this topic in any post so I try an attempt : it would be wonderful to freely choose the font folders’ order, with a simple drag and drop. Right now it’s a forced alphabetical order, which is a bit weird because it doesn’t take into account double digit numbers (12 appears before 1).
Would it be complicated to add this feature?

Hello @CyrilDosnon and thank you for your post :pray:
It can be a bit tricky to implement, yes, but probably possible:)
Thank you for putting the topic in the Greenlight category :pray:
Hopefully with enough support from the community it will be added to the list of features to be implemented in future FontBase releases.
Thank you again,
FontBase Dev Team

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Hi CyrilDosnon
Is this really necessary? Alphabetical order ist very common in computer world. If you give the 1 to 9 a 0 before, it’s done so far. :wink:
@ yuriy: I think my former suggestion to change the app auto activation behaviour (auto deactivate on close …) would be more important for those who use it. :wink:
Regards, Matt

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Hi Matty,
I’m not the one deciding what’s really necessary or not, I’m just suggesting a feature that I would care for my everyday use :slight_smile:
I have no doubt that plenty of person would find it useless and you probably have plenty of better ideas, but this is just me suggesting an idea here.
ps : thanks for the 0 tip, even if as a designer I like when things are neat :wink:

Hello Matt, thank you for your suggestion:)